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Its really easy to say “be happy” to someone who feel completely lost in their lives. Very few receive your advice and try to act to be happy. But its true that no one will be happy unless they galvanize themselves to do so. The world is full of sorrows, to those minds which are weak enough to think so. Seeing this beauty-hidden world from a different slant is indeed the beauty of one’s mind. We see different kind of people daily in our lives. Their culture, customs and traditions differ from ours. Most of the people we see appear to be happy than we are. This doesn’t mean that we have to compare our lives with theirs. No human is blessed to have everything they desire in life. Its their complacency that makes them feel happy in every moment of their life. Loving what we do and feeling good with what we have are the important assets of a person, which makes him/her completely content in life. Never wait for someone to console you when you are sick or to motivate you when you are down. Its your sub-conscious mind which does everything for your well-being. Thinking all the time positive is indeed a difficult task for anyone. But once you have achieved that task, you are the happiest person in this universe.

More importantly, a life meant to live for others and supporting them morally is indeed a great opportunity in our lives, which if ignored (though we are capable enough) can never allow us to live happily.